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No Windows Phone 8? Here are reasons why current Lumia owners shouldn't feel bad

Along with the news of Microsoft making Windows Phone 8 official came the announcement that it's, sadly, not coming to current Windows Phone 7 devices. In the smartphone wars where OS updates form a big part of the whole handset experience, this is a significant issue, one that, at first glance, might leave a bitter taste to more than a few.

It's a big deal, especially to Nokia (and its hordes of patrons) which placed a lot on its partnership with Microsoft. But, hold your horses and pitchforks, current Lumia handset owners, it's not exactly a dead end or gloomy scenario for you. We all know that, yes, you won't be getting the upcoming version of the the Big M's mobile platform, but you'll still be hooking up with an update, namely Windows Phone 7.8. Now, before you dismiss it as just a small upgrade or even a consuelo de bobo sort of deal, let us tell you first that it is still pretty substantial and might just save you from bad feelings you could get from thinking you've been left out.

But first, let's discuss briefly just why WP7 handsets won't get WP8. As we've said before, the main culprit is hardware. WP8 will be supporting dual/multi-core chips, higher resolutions (1280720, 1280768) and microSD cards, among others. These features are not supported by most WP7 handsets so upgrading could be an effort in futility. Also, WP8 was developed differently from WP7 and uses a kernel that's shared with Windows 8 and Windows RT. There are bound to be similarities, yes, but, at the end of the day, we could be looking at two platforms with significantly different cores.

Enough of that, let's get to the good news. Nokia Philippines Corporate Communications Manager Nikka Abbes sent us an email detailing the new updates that are coming to Lumia handsets very, very soon. See the goodies below.

  • Nokia Lumia handsets will get WP7.8 and, along with it, a host of new features

  • Nokia Lumia handsets will continue to enjoy updates, new apps and features for many weeks and months to come.

    • The Lumia 800 and 710 will get software updates starting this week which includes Wi-Fi tethering, Flip-to-Silence, and media content streaming.

    • All Lumia handset will get new features next month including Camera Extras and Content Sharing

    • New Zynga games will be available for Lumia handsets in the Marketplace, including Draw Something and Words with Friends

    • Last month, Nokia forged a partnership with the likes of EA, Groupon, Tripdots, PayPal, Time Magazine, Newsweek and Box which will bring new apps and content from these partners to Lumia handsets.

    • There are about 100,000 apps available for Lumia handsets in the Marketplace

    • Lumia handsets will get updates on free Location features like Drive, Maps, Transport, City Lens Beta and Pulse.

    • A new Windows Phone Start screen with 3 new tile sizes.

What we're getting here is that support for Lumia handsets isn't going to end or even slowing down with new features and updates on the way. Sure, having a Lumia Windows Phone 8 could still be a better deal but it doesn't exactly suck to have all these new features, right?