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POLL: Have you purchased an ultrabook?

If last year was called the year of the tablet, then we assume 2012 belongs to them sexy ultrabooks, and the sheer number of new specimens arriving locally should attest to this.

However, we feel that making the decision of buying one is a bit harder compared to, say, contemplating on whether or not to snag a smartphone. The deal here is the high SRPs normally slapped on ultrabooks. Of course, the handsome amount of moolah you'll have to shell out is justified; these devices are slim, sexy, and, yes, powerful. Fact is, an ultrabook is a premium product and, at the same time, a tech marvel in itself; it's not exactly easy to cram some of the best computer hardware in a frame that's just half as thick as a standing P1 coin, right? And the material used on the casing itself doesn't go unnoticed with most ultrabooks having semi-metallic bods.

So yeah, we get it: awesome hardware at a steep price. The problem is, and this is pretty evident especially in a poverty-stricken country like ours, the innards of an ultrabook might not be enough to result in a purchase. Beyond the price, there are also qualms that, despite the specs they carry, ultrabooks might be a bit underpowered compared to "normal" laptops or desktops you can find within the same price range.

Keeping all these in mind, we'd like to ask you, dear Techies, have you bought one (or planning to) or are you one of those who say ultrabooks "are pretty but I can have the same power for cheaper"? Let us know in the poll and/or comments section below.