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Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X vs. iPhone 4S

Curious on just how the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy S III stacks up against the competition? In terms of overall performance, we may to wait a bit since it just became official earlier this morning (Manila time). However, the good news is, its official hardware has finally been revealed and because of that we can already compare it to other popular handsets in terms of specs. To give you an idea on what goodies Sammy's latest flagship will bring compared to other top tier handsets, we placed it side-by-side with two of its most popular rivals: HTC's own quad-core superphone, the One X and the iPhone 4S (for obvious reasons). See below.



It sure looks like the Galaxy S III does live up to the flagship standard, at least in terms of specs, no? Now, let's see if it really is as good in real-world use as it is on paper.

Check out the gallery below for photos of the Galaxy S III