Blame it on Christmas and the recent PS3 Slim release. Everyone I bump into nowadays seems to have PlayStation on their mind: my brother, my former publisher, nephews, random friends... They literally bombard me with questions about every detail of the PS3 Slim, and no, I can't quote the power consumption of the darn thing, but yes, I spend the better part of my free time on the device.... Read more

BLOG: Why can't all gadgets be like Sun Jar?

Posted on: 11/26 by Vince Sales
Tagged as Sun Jar, environment-friendly, simple, green

Why can't all gadgets be like this? My latest gadget purchase was not that micro four-thirds camera I've been drooling about. It was, instead, a jar. Yes, you read that right: a jar. To be more specific, it's called the Sun Jar, made in China, designed by a UK company, and sold in a little store on the top floor of Power Plant mall. The description of what it does is pure magic:... Read more

BLOG: You call these iPhone apps games?

Posted on: 10/14 by Vince Sales
Tagged as iPhone app, apps, game, gaming

What's going on here? You call these things games? Recently, the video game industry has taken a turn towards casual gaming: small, cheap games that appeal to your sister, your girlfriend, and your kids. You know, the demographic that's not usually associated with gaming. Everyone's doing it nowadays: Apple's iPhone apps, PSP Minis, Xbox Live Arcade, and you can argue that Nint... Read more

BLOG: Typhoon Ondoy techie postscript

Posted on: 10/08 by Vince Sales
Tagged as Typhoon Ondoy, Ondoy, typhoon, technology, postscript

I'll admit this post about the biblical flood that hit Manila is a little late, but as we're still feeling the effects of the devastation, I'll venture that it's not too late. If anything, Typhoon Ondoy has opened our eyes to how vulnerable we are to the ravages of nature and reawakened the indestructible spirit of the Filipino – our hard-nosed survival instincts and ge... Read more

BLOG: Much ado about Snow Leopard

Posted on: 09/02 by Vince Sales
Tagged as Snow Leopard, Apple, OS X, OS 10.6, Windows 7

If you’re a Mac fanatic – and who isn’t nowadays? – you’re probably itching to drop by an Apple store and grab a copy of Snow Leopard. The thing is you probably shouldn’t. As all good nerds know, new releases of operating systems are rife with problems, so it’s best to wait until the problems are sorted out. Snow Leopard is no exception even though it look... Read more

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