For this article, I’m making 2 big assumptions: 1) The Tan Hack (aka the star hack) was an important tool for early Web designers. 2) The dude who discovered the hack, a certain Edwardson Tan, is Filipino. Huh? If you’re scratching your head, here’s a primer: Making websites look more or less the same on all major Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, ... Read more

BLOG: 5 home office setups that will make you drool

Posted on: 09/13/10 by Rico Mossesgeld Tagged as home office, home office setup, workstation

Rico Zuñiga is best known as the creator of the Tongits, a downloadable version of the “popular Filipino rummy card game” running on Adobe Air. He’s recently launched Sohotastic, a blog that features home offices and workstations that will make you drool. Here are 5 picks that stand out. Do you have an awesome workspace you’d like to share? Feel free to email snap... Read more

BLOG: How reading news online can make you a millionaire

Posted on: 09/06/10 by Rico Mossesgeld Tagged as Internet, how to, print, reading

A good thing I picked up from my parents was a voracious appetite for reading. Mornings at the Mossesgeld household would start with mom and dad passing around the different sections of The Philippine Star. I joined the family reading roulette once I was old enough to understand text more complex than “See Jane run. See Jane jump.” Once I started spending my whole life online, p... Read more

BLOG: The worst of the Philippine Internet for 2010 so far

Ade Magnaye joins me for this week's installment. Mr. Magnaye is probably best known online for his acclaimed Know Your Jolog series, where he breaks down the various species of people engaged in "jologetry." It's Ade's penchant for the totally weird – and supremely hilarious – that makes the following list possible. We give you the worst of the Philippine Internet for 2010 &nd...; Read more

BLOG: Bekimon-ize yourself via the Bekimon Translator!

Much like how The Jologs Translator turns even literary masterpieces into the so-called "Jejenese," the Bekimon Translator seeks to bring out the inner chorva in all text. The Bekimon Translator even promises a dictation of its own translation, through Google Translate's text-to-speech functionality. Unfortunately, though, the link's broken. Again, let's see how the immortal prose of Francisco Ba... Read more

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  • Technograph 2.0

    by Rico Mossesgeld

    Rico Mossesgeld slaves away by day at an online marketing company, is the snarky founding editor of Technograph by night, and hails from the smoke-infested beautiful and lovable Metro Manila, Philippines!

  • HAXX!

    by Jayvee Fernandez

    In deciding on a theme for this weekly blog post, Jayvee Fernandez decided to do exactly what he does for his friends who pester him on Facebook and SMS – come up with impromptu "How To's" which, due to his overflowing generosity, charges nothing for it. He's finally getting paid to do just that. If you have a geeky tip you want to submit, don't hesitate to email him at [email protected]. He might just publish it.

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    by Kevin "Kiven" Codamon

    Kevin "Kiven" Codamon has been passionately into video games for over 25 years. He is the former editor-in-chief and current web expert of Level Up!, the country's premier online gaming company. He also blogs about gaming and digital entertainment at You can share your gaming experiences with him via e-mail [email protected].

  • Gadget Guru

    by Vince Sales

    Take one smartypants writer and make him write about tech for a living and what do you get? One neurotic tech editor, and this weekly blog. Get an inside geek-peek behind the curtain of consumer electronics in the Philippines, and a local point of view on international tech rumblings.

  • Gadget Gaga

    by Alodia Gosiengfiao

    Alodia Gosiengfiao is the self-confessed geek every Techie man worships. Known for her chameleon looks and the smarts to go with it, the Cosplay Princess has singlehandedly proven that geeks do rule the world.

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