Last year, I jotted down some thoughts inspired by the frustration of all these telco speed tests. There's obviously a war for the "fastest Internet" available in the country, and it seems as if the only losers are the customers who actually believe all the advertising b*llshit.Fact: There is not one consistently fast local Internet-service provider.A lot of things should be taken into conside... Read more

BLOG: How to make your own screen cleaner

Posted on: 12/11/09 by Jayvee Fernandez
Tagged as how to, cleaning, computer screen, screen cleaning

If you found out that those commercial screen-cleaning solutions can easily be replicated at home, you'd be shocked to know how easy it is to create a mixture. To make your own screen-cleaning solution, all you need to do is combine a 50/50 mixture of household white vinegar with distilled water. Note that when I say distilled water, I'm referring to the one you can commercially purchase i... Read more

BLOG: How to make hot espresso anywhere

Posted on: 11/30/09 by Jayvee Fernandez
Tagged as Handpresso, home gadget, espresso, Amazon, E.S.E. pod

Ever since I started diving, I've grown fond of gadgets that allow me to do the most mundane things in the most creative of places. Point in consideration would be brewing a fresh cup of espresso on a dive boat without using a coffee press. Lo and behold, the latest gadget that I procured – the Handpresso ($89 or about P4,500) from Amazon! The Handpresso relies on the secret ingred... Read more

BLOG: How to add new features to your Panasonic Lumix LX3

You've probably seen many of your friends with a Panasonic Lumix LX3. Sporting a classic rangefinder-like real estate, the LX3 has been one of the most coveted, underrated cameras in many local circles simply because it outperforms most point-and-shoot cameras in terms of photo quality. It is the only camera in recent history that had its price increase since its release in late 2008.And i... Read more

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  • Technograph 2.0

    by Rico Mossesgeld

    Rico Mossesgeld slaves away by day at an online marketing company, is the snarky founding editor of Technograph by night, and hails from the smoke-infested beautiful and lovable Metro Manila, Philippines!

  • HAXX!

    by Jayvee Fernandez

    In deciding on a theme for this weekly blog post, Jayvee Fernandez decided to do exactly what he does for his friends who pester him on Facebook and SMS – come up with impromptu "How To's" which, due to his overflowing generosity, charges nothing for it. He's finally getting paid to do just that. If you have a geeky tip you want to submit, don't hesitate to email him at [email protected]. He might just publish it.

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    Kevin "Kiven" Codamon has been passionately into video games for over 25 years. He is the former editor-in-chief and current web expert of Level Up!, the country's premier online gaming company. He also blogs about gaming and digital entertainment at You can share your gaming experiences with him via e-mail [email protected].

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    Take one smartypants writer and make him write about tech for a living and what do you get? One neurotic tech editor, and this weekly blog. Get an inside geek-peek behind the curtain of consumer electronics in the Philippines, and a local point of view on international tech rumblings.

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    Alodia Gosiengfiao is the self-confessed geek every Techie man worships. Known for her chameleon looks and the smarts to go with it, the Cosplay Princess has singlehandedly proven that geeks do rule the world.

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