The aftermath of Gizmodo's iPhone 4G revelation

Who would have thought that a mistake by a lowly 26-year-old Apple engineer would turn out to be the biggest story in gadget history? Gizmodo's next-gen iPhone leak raked in a whopping 6.5 million web hits in the first 24 hours alone, making April 19-20 (April 20-21 in the Philippines) its biggest days ever.

Gizmodo averages around 3 million hits per day with a collection of about 10 entries, but as mentioned, the iPhone reveal easily quadrupled that daily average.

According to sitemeter, Gizmodo raked in close to 13 million pageviews or roughly 400+% more than what they usually get. Again, we're talking by the millions here: Imagine how happy you already are if your blog's hits increased from 100 to 400 in a day.

However, speculations of all this being staged began to arise shortly after the story was published, thus prompting Gizmodo editor-at-large Joel Johnson to explain how the tech blog and Apple are not in cahoots.

Johnson writes, "What business advantage would leaking early give Apple? It disinclines customers from buying new iPhones or perhaps even new iPads... If you think that Gizmodo shouldn't have shown you the iPhone before Apple wanted you to see it, you're accepting that Apple should be the one to control news about its products."

TV shows have feasted on the exclusive, branding it as one of the biggest tech stories evar. Giz's Jason Chen was able to appear on Good Morning America before they returned the iPhone prototype at the request of Apple's senior vice-president and general counsel Bruce Sewell (see related story here).

Rival blog Engadget has been feeding off of what Gizmodo has been writing about the iPhone since yesterday, despite having been the first to write about the leaked photo of the 4th-gen iPhone 2 days ago. In an act of defiance (or probably jealousy), the site doesn't even feature the iPhone leak on its front page.

Now that all this is out in the air and on the Web, it remains to be seen whether the leak will make force Apple to redesign the final product or to stick to their guns and release the iPhone as is later this year. Knowing how controlling Apple is, they'd probably do the former and delay the launch. Remember the still nonexistent iPod touch with a built-in camera?

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