3rd-gen iPod touch doesn't have a camera

Posted on: 09/10/09 by Elijah Mendoza
Tagged as iPod, Apple, iPod touch

The world is a aghast at how the new iPod touch didn't get the much-rumored built-in camera, but Apple did beef it up to a whopping 64GBs (that's flash memory) and upped the CPU speed a la the iPhone 3GS. Woohoo!

In typical Apple fashion, the older models drop in price. The 8GB iPod touch is now only P11,490, down P1,500 from just yesterday. And the new 32GB and the 64GB models sell for P17,490 and P23,490, respectively, from the Apple Store.

It's a good time to get an iPod (touch or nano) so hurry on down to your nearest gadget store and treat yourself to an early Christmas. Or Halloween. Whatever, just get one.


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