ELECTION 2010: Smartmatic-TIM, telcos assure public poll results will be transmitted without a hitch

Here's another elections-related update: Voting-machine supplier Smartmatic-Total Information Management (TIM), PLDT, Globe, Smart, Digitel, and We are I.T. Philippines (WIT) were all one in assuring the public that the poll results will be transmitted without any problems.

Smartmatic-TIM has just finalized its contract with the telecommunications companies for the transmission of the election results. It is part of a P7.2-billion deal between Smartmatic and the Comelec.

Let's look at what each of the telcos will provide in the canvassing and data centers:

  • PLDT, Globe, and Smart: GPRS connectivity used by 2G cellular communication systems
  • Digitel: GPRS and DSL connection
  • WIT: BGAN [Broadband Global Area Networks] and VSAT [Very Small Aperture Terminals] for the 30% with unreliable signals

These companies have their work cut out for them, and everyone's surely upbeat about each telco's job. Digitel spokesman Bill Pamintuan even revealed that they have completed their testing with the Comelec with nary a hitch.

On the subject of jamming devices, Comelec commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal was quick to assure us that the devices won't stop the transmission of results; they can only delay it at best.

Note to self: Think positive.

Via GMANews.tv


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