International iPad sales postponed for a month

Apple, future rulers of the Internet, announced today that†it will be postponing the international sales of the iPad until the end of May because of incessant public demand in the US.

In an official statement, Apple cited that they have sold more than 500,000 iPads during the first week and that numerous orders for both the Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled versions have been made since then. This, ultimately, leaves them no choice but to give their international customers the cold shoulder move the iPad's international launch for a whole month.

Digitimes has somewhat verified Apple's plight with its report that the company has been searching the globe Korea for additional LCD screens. The Taiwanese publication claims that Apple has also ordered 9.7-inch LCD panels from Samsung to help bolster production. Originally, Apple only bought iPad screens from LG Electronics.

Despite the delay, the rest of the world really can't complain – Filipinos included – because (a) Apple is an American company; (b) America is the ultimate consumer society; and (c) it's not the end of the world! It's not†as if†Apple manufactures food... although, people do eat up whatever†it comes up with like there's no tomorrow.

Until the iPad does show up locally, you can always order online.

Via New York Times and Digitimes

Source Apple


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