Netopia launches CyberLeague 2010 gaming competition

Internet/gaming cafe chain Netopia today relaunched CyberLeague, its nationwide gaming event which will pit gamers in battle to be crowned the "Champion of Champions."

The specific games and the prizes have not been announced yet, but because this is made possible with help from Level Up!, e-Games, and Eagle Games, then we could expect their titles to be included in the tourney.

Registration will run from May 1-31, 2010, and eliminations will take place at Netopia branches nationwide from June 10-August 22. Qualifiers will then participate in the semifinals on Sept. 22-26. If they win, they'll get to move on to the finals on October 23-24. The ultimate winner will get to be crowned the CyberLeague 2010 Grand Champion.

CyberLeague will also be hosting a cosplay competition to further entice the target market.

Invisible kitteh likes to be touched!

The competition is an effort for the Netopia brand to re-establish itself as a gaming destination, according to COO Jito Grau. Grau explained that gaming was the company's core business during its fledgling years around a decade ago when Internet surfing was confined to 56K dial-up connections.

It's nice that Netopia is trying to regain its gaming spirit, although we're not 100% sure if we like the fact that the competition will coincide with the first semester of the academic year. Hopefully, CyberLeague would just be a way for students to unwind.


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