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15-inch Samsung Series 9 ultrabook launched in PH, priced!

As if saying "we're not slowing down, so just sit back and enjoy the ride" in its local notebook campaign, Samsung has just dropped another drool-worthy device that should make our current laptops look oh-so-2011 here in the Philippines. Techies, say hello to the Series 9 ultrabook, a device that's stocked with some of the best hardware you can cram into an ultrathin frame.

The Series 9 ultrabook (not to be confused with last year's Series 9 notebook) looks to be the premium offering in Samsung's ultrabook line, a fact clearly shown by its innards. We're talking about an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 CPU, 8GB of DDR3 memory, a 256GB SSD (solid-state drive), and a bright 15-inch display. Its appearance deserves a thumbs up from us, too; the Series 9 sports an aluminum body with a matte finish and thickness of just 14.9mm making it, according to Samsung, the thinnest 15-inch ultrabook in the market today. Whoa! Pardon us while we pick up our collective jaws from the floor.

This one certainly is Samsung's high-end ultrabook and, clearly, it's got the goodies to make it deserving. As for the SRP, well, it's also in the high-end, if you get our drift. Prepare to shell out P76,990 for one. Hey, hardware like what this bad boy has certainly calls for some spending, right?

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