is now officially a part of and will bring the latest news and stories about all things geeky and shiny to an even wider audience.

Tech, gadgets, and babes. Not bad, right?

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ANNOUNCEMENT: set to move to a bigger, better home

Come July 2, 2020, you'll notice a big, no, huge change in our little site, dear Techies. Once your calendars hits the said date, will already be a part of another site that we're pretty sure you've already heard of, at the very least.

Now, before we reveal to you the new portal this site will be a part of, let's just get a few things out of the way first. This move to a new space is fueled by our aim to bring significant global and local tech news and stories to a bigger, wider crowd. Such has been one of our primary goals ever since first busted out of the gates back in August 2009.

Also, rest your doomsday and conspiracy theories because we're not shutting down, far from it actually. We're just going to, you could say, take on a different bus on our way to bringing you what we've always and will continue to serve: the freshest tech-related developments and issues, reviews, and interesting and engaging features this site has been known for.

Now, we know you've been very interested in knowing what our new "mother ship" will be, so we won't keep you waiting anymore. On the first day of next month, will officially be part of Yep, you read that right; our humble tech portal will combine forces with the online version of the country's leading men's magazine. See? We told you you're at least familiar with it.

Babes and tech, looks like a damn good combination, no? We're excited, and you should be, too. Stay tuned, because it's bound to be one interesting ride.