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Are you ready, Pilipinas? YouTube Philippines, now online!

Apparently, the folks over at Google saw that we Pinoys love YouTube so they decided to make a Philippine portal of the site. Yep, you read that right, Techies. YouTube Philippines is now online, all amped-up and ready to showcase the over-flowing talent our Kababayans have. Watch the clip below.

This is actually a first for the SEA (Southeast Asian) region which points to the fact that the Philippines could be engaging and interacting more with YouTube than our neighbors. Hey, personalities like Kuya Jobert, Moymoy Palaboy, and, of course, Charice Pempengco can attest to this. To access YouTube Philippines, users do not need to change anything with the site's URL (at least not yet), just go to and it will automatically direct you to the localized version. Or, if that doesn't work, you can choose "Philippines" on the region tab on the bottom of the page to make sure.

Aesthetics-wise, there's not much change although we're seeing YouTube Philippines channel's logo includes a jeepney. However, you'll notice that more local content are included on the different categories found within the main page. Based on our observation, this could be an "in-stages" thing as more content from YouTube Philippines' partners (more on them in a bit) are created. Together with the launch, the updated YouTube channels of President Noynoy Aquino and our government were announced and previewed and will include more content as well as older videos that were archived. You can check 'em out over at the rtvmalacanang and govph portals.


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