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Bye bye, Symbian... Hello, Belle

We know Symbian, that much-maligned mobile OS, is coming closer and closer to an eventual goodbye and now, another sign of the inevitable has just appeared. Nokia has apparently retired the Symbian label (a tag many of us grew with and love) and is calling the latest version simply Belle. Aww...

This bit of info came from a post over at Nokia Conversations which gives little detail and attention to the rebranding. Fact is, the entry delves more on what Belle has to offer than the demise of the Symbian label. Only a very short statement is reserved to that end which reads: "The all new Nokia Belle (previously Symbian Belle)..." And... that's just about it. Short, we know, but with meaning on the OS' future.

Now, for those asking, what will Belle bring to the table, here are several of them:

  • NFC sharing and pairing functionality
  • Three additional homescreens
  • A dynamic lock screen
  • Live widgets in different sizes
  • Pull-down taskbar
  • Notification menu

So there, Symbian is no longer "Symbian." Sure, it may just be a name change and that it will still thrive as Belle (for now) but, you have to admit, it doesn't feel the same.

Check out the gallery below for the handsets that will have Belle