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CES 2012: $249 ASUS 7-inch tablet with ICS and Tegra 3 is coming

We know, Ice Cream Sandwich is, currently, confined to those devices that are just too darn expensive for many Juans to buy. Good news is, both ASUS and NVIDIA think that shouldn't be the case as the two just teased the whole (tech) world with a 7-inch tablet that runs on Android's latest iteration and, get this, Tegra 3 SoC (system on a chip)! The best part? The device will reportedly only cost $249 or a tad below P11,000!

This positive piece of news came from CES 2012's press conference, much to the delight of folks already part of the show. Anyway, with that price tag, the said tablet will be almost as cheap as ebook readers which means potentially bad news for gadgets like the Kindle Fire which boast, well, weaker specs. That being said, the official bits on the 7 incher weren't spilled yet. However, judging from the pic above, it could very well be the ASUS Eee Pad MeMO ME370T which was previewed earlier in the event and holds the distinction of the world's first 7-inch quad-core tabbie. It also boasts an 8-megapixel camera although other hardware details are still TBA as of press time.

So there, definitely something to look forward to for penny-pinchin' geeks who'd like a sampling of Ice Cream Sandwich and jump on to the quad-core bandwagon. The question is, when will it be available? We'll be keeping an eagle-eye on this one.

Source Engadget

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