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TECH BUZZ: Google's got a tablet. It's coming in 6 months

There are tons of Android tablets currently in the market today fighting for a piece of your purse but one that's branded as the true-blue Google tablet is still nowhere to be found. However, that may all change as the Big G is reportedly planning to make and launch the device soon. How soon? Think 6 months. Nice!

This bit of news came from Google's Executive Chairman himself Eric Schmidt who said "in the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality," in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Now there could be at least a couple of interpretations of that statement. First is that he might be just saying that they (Google) will have a concerted effort with top gadget brands to, well, market an upcoming, non-Google tablet in the very near future. The second, more tasty scenario is simply about a Google tablet rolling out of the gates in half a year.

We don't know which of the two will happen but we won't be surprised if its the latter since we've already seen two Google phones (the HTC-made Nexus One and Samsung's Galaxy Nexus) so a Google tablet is really not far-fetched. If that's the case, we wonder what manufacturer will take the lead although HTC and Sammy seems to be strong bets (if it's made by the Korean-titan, it could have the Nexus branding, too). And with better specs like Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip entering the scene, it will definitely be a doozy and could bring the fight to the iPad 2 (or 3). Yep, in all these, toppling Apple's vaunted tablet is most probably still the main agenda. We're damn excited.

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Source Corriere Della Sera (translated)

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