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Google will sell tablets directly to consumers online - report

When they're not competing with Facebook, they're competing with Apple. To further fuel all the Google tablet rumors, WSJ now reports that Google is planning to sell tablets directly to consumers via an online store. We speculate that it could be on Google Play

We remember that they attempted an online store with the Google Nexus One, but scrapped that idea and later on gave out Nexus Ones to Google employees at the end of the year. The rumored Google Nexus Tablet though is said to be made by long-time friends ASUS and Samsung.

According to WSJ, the Big G believes the current model for selling tablets is "broken." We all know what else they regarded as broken, tried to fix it, and ended up with an unsuccessful product---social. Just see what ex-employee James Whittaker had to say about that.

Android head honcho Andy Rubin says they abandoned the Nexus One store because Google "couldn't figure out how to sell the Nexus One online on a global scale" and that resources "would be wasted" in trying to partner up with carriers in foreign countries. It's a whole new playing field for tablets as they are more often used with a reliable WiFi connection as opposed to a phone that needs a 3G subscription.

We don't know if this is such a good idea for Google, who has a billion dollars in debt as of the last quarter of 2011, and is making not much money for the use of their Android OS. Even then, we do hope that if ASUS is making the Google tablet, that it's as good as the Transformer Prime or even better. We're keeping our fingers crossed.