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Here's a couple more Alcatel handsets now available for Pinoys

Let's take a short break from the hype and the buzz surrounding CES 2012, shall we? Let's look at those devices that are, well, already here in the Philippines (as opposed to those just being announced in the world's biggest tech show), like these two handsets from Alcatel which are now available and won't cause you to burn big holes through your pockets, the OT Blaze Glory 918N and the Glam 810D.

Alcatel OneTouch Glam 810D

This one right here clearly was made with the fairer sex in mind. Sporting a metallic pink clamshell form factor, the Glam 810D looks like a powder make-up kit for women. With that, we doubt to see many members of the male population having this device. As for specs, the handset comes with dual-SIM capability (no surprises there), a 2-megapixel camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth, 70MB internal memory (expandable to 32GB via microSD) and 3.5mm headset. Pretty basic but we think many will buy it for its unusual looks more than its innards.

Alcatel OneTouch Blaze Glory 918N

Now we have the Blaze Glory 918D, another Android device coming from Alcatel. A follow-up to the the likes of the OT Blaze 990 and Blaze 906, this one right here comes with Gingerbread out of the box. A peek under its hood will reveal specs like a 650MHz chip, 200MB of RAM and 150MB internal storage. It also comes with a 3-megapixel camera, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 and a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen. And, just like its chic sibling, it's also a dual-SIM handset.

Pricing and availability

Both handsets are now available for purchase with special introductory price tags. The Glam 810D goes for P3,999 while the Blaze Glory 918N costs P2,000 more. You could check out the gallery below for a closer look at each one.