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13-inch HP Folio ultrabook launched in the Philippines, priced

HP recently generated some buzz over their CES 2012 award-winning laptop, the HP Envy Spectre---a glass-covered, Beats Audio-toting ultrabook. However that one's not on local shores yet, but that doesn't mean the American company doesn't have a contender in the ultrabook wars here in the Philippines. Techies, we introduce you to the HP Folio 13, a thin and powerful device that promises "ultra-lasting power and superior performance." And, yes, it's already here, ready to do battle with the likes of ASUS' Zenbook, Samsung's Series 5 Ultra and, of course, the Apple MacBook Air, among others

Said to last almost 10 hours on a single charge, the Folio 13 claims to have the best battery performance among ultrabooks currently available. On top of that, it's equipped with Intel's Rapid Start technology to cut down your boot-up and shut-down time, a fast second-generation Intel Core i5 processor that's coupled with 4GB of RAM to challenge multitasking and, of course, HP CoolSense technology to keep your busy and up-to-the-task lappie cool---minus the sunglasses and the swagger.

To improve overall performance, HP also slapped a 128GB SSD (solid-state drive) on the Folio 13. In terms of looks, the device is encased in a scratch-resistant, aluminum-brushed panel for that no-nonsense but classy look. The HP Folio 13 also claims to be one of the world's thinnest ultrabooks at just 0.75-inches while barely tipping the scales at a lightweight 1.49kg.

With an SRP of P55,990, the HP Folio13 is at par with other ultrabooks in the market today, at least in terms of pricing. Start saving up, Techies or if you have the dough right now, just go to any HP store or reseller nationwide. 

Check out the gallery below for photos of the HP Folio 13