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HTC completes One cast in PH, launches the One S

HTC has completed the popular One series here in the Philippines by launching the One S, a device that, we dare say, is the sexiest of the bunch. Yes, it looks even better compared to the vaunted One X.

Sporting a frame that's both slim and light, the One S boasts of curves that make it a joy to handle and to ogle. Seriously, we've never seen a smartphone this pretty since, maybe, the Nokia N9 (which is a looker for a different reason). But that's not all; this one looks good on the inside, too. The One S comes with a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU that's partnered with 1GB of RAM. Internal memory tops out at 16GB while wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth is accounted for. You'll also be getting an 8-megapixel camera with HD video shooting (VGA secondary), Beats By Dr. Dre audio integration, and a glorious 4.3-inch (540 x 960 pixels) Super AMOLED display. Oh, before we forget, the One S will have Android Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. Certainly not bad for a handset that's called the "middle child" of its range, right?

So, how much will all these cost you? P26,990. Pricey, yes, but remember, you'll get a device that has the looks that will elicit second, nay, third glances from your peers and the power to make your Android experience a delightful one.

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