IBM bares 5 innovations that will change your life

Posted on: 12/16/08 by Alora Uy
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How would you like to have a crystal ball for your health? Or perhaps a “talking” Web?

For the third straight year, IBM maps out the next five years for you through its annual list of market and societal trends expected to transform people’s lives. The list includes emerging technologies from the company’s labs around the world that can make these innovations possible. Called the “Next Five in Five,” IBM's list includes the following:

1. For less than P10,000, your doctor will provide you with a genetic map that tells you what health risks you’re likely to face and the things you can do to prevent them, all based on your DNA. Thanks to the scientists who discovered how to map the entire human genome, it will become easier for your doctor to whip you into shape.

2. You will “talk” to the Web… and the Web will “talk back.” Through “VoiceSites,” you’ll be able to post, scan and reply to messages without lifting a finger. Sorting through the Web verbally to find information about, say, the five most popular Internet babes and having the results read to you will surely take things to another level.

3. Solar energy will be an affordable option for you. With the creation of cost-efficient solar cells that can be 100 times thinner than silicon-wafer cells and produced at a lower cost, solar technology can be embedded in our sidewalks, rooftops and heck, even your car!

4. With your own posse of digital shopping assistants, you will make purchasing decisions on your own instead of waiting for help from in-store sales associates. Touch screen and voice-activated kiosks will let you choose clothing items to complement or replace what you already selected. Not sure what to buy? No problem! Just take pictures of yourself in different outfits and send them to your barkada for approval. You will also be able to access product ratings and fellow consumers’ reviews. Cool, eh?

5. Smart appliances will record, store and analyze conversations and activities. So if you ever find yourself racking your brains for your new colleague’s name or for which errands your girlfriend asked you to run, appliances like phones and TVs will prompt you to remember the information you need. Forgetting may just become a distant memory.


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