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Nokia confirms PureView is coming to future Lumia handsets

Clearly, Nokia's baby, the 808 PureView, is one of the biggest headliners of this year's edition of the Mobile World Congress. In fact, it's been recognized as the best new smartphone at the Global Mobile Awards! We're pretty sure the main reason for this is its 41-megapixel camera module.

We've seen sample, unedited shots taken with the 808 PureView and we dare say these are the best we've seen from a smartphone. Granted, the photos are meant to be the best for publicity reasons but still the sheer image quality gives us an idea of the handset's potential as a camera. We're even thinking now that's it's more of a camera with phone capabilities rather than a phone with a built-in camera.

However, more than a few were surprised that Nokia went with Symbian on the 808 PureView instead of going for Windows Phone 7. We can't blame them. After all, it's been well known that the Finns' top smartphones will carry Microsoft's mobile OS. Fortunately, for those looking to see PureView tech on WP7, here's a bit of good news. Nokia’s Executive Vice President for smart devices, Jo Harlow, has confirmed that PureView is coming to future Lumia phones. When exactly? No word on that yet although she says "it won't take very long."

So there, another possible reason to take a ride on the Nokia-WP7 bandwagon. Now we're thinking, how would a MeeGo-PureView combo be like, if ever? That would be interesting, no?

Check out the gallery below for sample shots of the 808 PureView