Noli Me Tangere up in iTunes starting July 1

Remember Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere? Well, that book reading assignment that gave us fits a dose of national history back in high school will soon go digital as an  e-book version of Jose Rizal's obra maestra will hit iTunes starting tomorrow, July 1 together with another popular Pinoy book  The Monkey and The Tortoise.  

So, what should we expect from these digitized versions? Both releases will have animated graphics and intuitive interfaces that feature beautifully rendered illustrations complimenting the stories and giving them a bolder and updated feel.

Also, readers will be able to interact with the characters via the e-books. For example, in The Monkey and The Tortoise, you can help the characters cut the banana tree or pick up the fruits and be part of their journey. Readers of Noli Me Tangere, on the otherhand, can follow the personal encounters of Crisostomo Ibarra with the other characters of the story. To give you a better idea, here are video previews...

Our hats off to Vibal Publishing Foundation and Instituto Cervantes (Who plans to put up a Spanish versions of Noli and El Filibusterismo in the future) for digitizing these classics of our history.

Video via vfit1 on YouTube

Source GMA News

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