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OFFICIAL: ASUS Zenbook launched in PH, priced!

And, as expected, it's finally here! In an exclusive event straight from El Nido in Palawan, ASUS has finally and officially launched the hotly-anticipated Zenbook here in the Philippines. We were there to witness its unveiling and, boy, it's truly one drool-worthy device, so much so that we wanted to take it home with us when we first saw it. Interested with the buzz about the Taiwanese-titan's shiny (literally) new toy? Read on.  

The Zenbook is actually ASUS' version of the so-called Ultrabook, a new series of ultrathin PCs that promises to deliver the same performance as its heftier siblings. Two models are currently available, the UX21 (13-inch) and the UX31 (15-inch). In terms of looks, the Zenbook sports an all-aluminum alloy skin that's sandblasted to give it that elegant and sophisticated feel. And yes, it's as anorexic and lightweight as they come sashaying out of the gates with a wafer-thin 9mm thick frame while tipping the scales at a mere 2.4lbs (for the UX21) and 2.9lbs (for the UX31).

To make you look even more, both the UX21 and UX31 boast of glass trackpads and all-metal keyboards while its exterior panel projects the illusion of concentric circles giving the whole package that "Zen" look. Needless to say, the Zenbook's one device that will warrant second, nay, third looks from onlookers. But enough of the good-lookin' exterior, let's now take a peek under the hood, shall we?

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