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RUMOR: ASUS to build Google's 'Nexus Tablet'

When the rumor mill isn't busy churning out iPad 3 or iPad HD rumors, it apparently has its sight set on brand partnerships like this supposed one between ASUS and Google. According to AndroidandMe, there's been talk about the Big G partnering up with the Taiwanese giant that brought us such innovations like the tablet-with-keyboard Transformer and Transformer Prime and the smartphone-tablet-keyboard combo PadFone. Amazing, and we have to give it to ASUS, they think of things we can only dream about.

We don't know how to feel about this rumor though; we're glad that Google picked ASUS as a partner, their products are excellently made, but what about Motorola? When the acquisition becomes final Google will technically become owner to the Motorola Xoom and Xoom 2, so we guess they're just abandoning those devices in favor of an ASUS-made one? This isn't new to Google, who has collaborated with big names notably HTC for its Nexus One and Samsung for its Galaxy Nexus, both of which were popular with the Android crowd.

This time though, AndroidandMe is reporting that Google was "highly impressed" with ASUS' MeMo tablet, a $249 (around P11,000), 7-inch slate that's got Android's 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich coupled with the quad-core Tegra 3 chip under its hood. Google looked to collab with the company because ASUS had the ability to build impressive devices while keeping the price point down. Said to retail for $199 (about P8,500) the yet-to-be-named Google tablet should be in production by April and ship by June.

First of all, that is OBSCENELY affordable for an Android tablet that's made by a reputable brand and secondly, WHERE do we get one?! If it's anything like the Transformer Pad 300, we would love for ASUS to send some love our way. Please?