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Windows Phone 8 now official, but...

It seems like only yesterday when Microsoft first unveiled Windows Phone 7 and now its follow-up has just been made official. The software giant has finally taken the wraps off Windows Phone 8 marking another milestone for the company's campaign in the smartphone arena. However, as the title indicates, there's a but, and it's a big one.

We'll reveal the big announcement that made a ton of eyes roll but first, let us give you an idea of what Windows 8 will bring to the table. According to the Big M, the new version of its mobile platform will support higher resolutions (1280720, 1280768) and dual-core chips (even 64-core systems in the future). We're also told that a new "wallet" functionality via NFC that's not hardware-dependent will be part of the mix as well as Internet Explorer 10. There's also upcoming compatibility with microSD cards while Nokia Maps will take care of your navigation needs. Other features include better multi-tasking and accessibility to 3rd-party apps even if you're offline.

Now, for the big one: Microsoft also said that Windows Phone 8 won't be heading to Windows Phone 7 devices, ever. That means there will be no updates on the way; you'll have to buy a new handset to get the treat. Hardware is one of the main reasons why this is the case. Microsoft has revealed that Windows Phone will be supporting multi-core systems and, as we've said, higher resolutions and microSD storage. The good news is this will enable better, faster apps and games to be run on a smartphone.

Also, Windows Phone 8 runs on a kernel that's shared with Windows 8 and Windows RT which means that, basically, Microsoft has managed to make a platform that runs on notebooks, PCs, and mobile devices. Sounds good? It is, and we're really excited about the prospect of holding a dual or even a quad-core, 1280768 Windows Phone 8 device that can run new games on a level we've never seen before on a handset. However, you can't blame us to feel a bit sorry for Nokia which obviously is the hardest hit since it's banking a lot on its Lumia line.

Windows Phone 7 users weren't entirely left out as there's an upcoming update to version 7.8, but that's far from getting the whole new version. Here's to hoping Windows Phone 8 will deliver and be as good, or even better, as advertised, for the sake of Microsoft which we bet will get more than a few hate mails because of you know what.