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GOOD NEWS: Globe soon to offer cheaper, better 'Unli' deals

In support of the NTC Memorandum Order directing all telcos to lower sms interconnect access rates, Globe will soon release new unli offers with lower rates and the inclusion of more packages complimenting their unli voice or sms services.

Globe said that over 90 percent of its prepaid customers are using unli services. The new unli offers will benefit the larger base of Globe customers, true to the spirit of the NTC order.  

Globe adheres strongly to maintaining a healthy tripartite partnership among the industry, the regulator and the public. "With these new menu of lower and better unli packages that will be offered very soon, more people shall be able to enjoy and benefit as a result of the NTC initiative to reduce the sms domestic access charges," said Atty. Froilan Castelo, head of Globe corporate and legal services group. Globe has recently informed the NTC that it has complied with the NTC circular to reduce the short messaging service (sms) domestic access charge from P0.35 to P0.15. "Globe is one with the NTC and supports its pro-consumer policies. It is on this context that Globe shall come up with better, lower and affordable unli pricing for the greater good and benefit of its subscribers," Castelo added.