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Posted on: 04/21/09 by Elijah Mendoza
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If you find the Aiptek Pocket Cinema V10  (one of the first handheld-sized projectors) too petite, Acer's K10 might be what you're looking for.

The K10 gave us mixed emotions when we first took it out of the box. It isn't as portable as the Aiptek V10 - there's no built-in battery and it won't fit in your pants pocket no matter how baggy they may be. And it doesn't play video files on its own. Clearly, the K10 wasn't designed to be a conversation piece, much less a trailblazing gadget. If it has anything at all going for it, it's that it's smaller relative to most tabletop projectors available today. It also looks sturdier and more reliable than "pico" or pocket projectors.

The Acer K10 has a rated grade of 100 ANSI lumens - ten times that of the Aiptek V10. Translated to plain English, that means using it in a room with the lights on is about the same as turning on a flashlight under the noontime sun - you won't be able to see what you're flashing onto the screen.

The K10 also doesn't work well at home. While it's capable of accepting 720p or 1080i videos via its lone VGA port, the device is ultimately let down by its brightness. You'll only be able to view movies properly in a room with no windows, or at night. Unless you have a cinema room in your basement, the K10 is strictly for the conference room.

The control buttons are neatly laid out on top. Basic tweaks like aspect ratio and keystone corrections, and brightness and color controls are readily available but are a pain to manipulate. The buttons are tough and unresponsive - as if the plastic makes direct contact to the microchips underneath.

So is there a reason to buy this black box? Yes, and it's a very good one at that: The K10 is the perfect portable backup projector.

Technology has taught us harsh lessons on being overly dependent on hardware. Being unable to make presentations because of broken or incompatible projectors is one of the things that just happen. The K10 is the safety net that puts you at ease when it's time to face your fellow suits. Broken-down projector or no projector at all? Whip out the K10 from your tote. Crisis averted.

The Acer K10 proves that the latest and greatest specs alone do not a good gadget make. (Got that?) Its unforeseen usefulness is a big factor, too.


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  • Fits in small bags
  • LED lamp means less heat
  • Pricey for something small and underpowered
Bottom Line
  • A worthy purchase if your work depends on it
Editor's Pick No
Price P24,900
Tech Specs
  • Display Technology: Digital Light Processor (DLP)
  • Illumination: LED
  • Max Resolution: 1280x1024 (SXGA) or 1440x900 (WXGA)
  • Colors: 16.7 million
  • Audio: No
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 and 16:9
  • Projection Distance (Range): 0.6 to 2.4 meters
  • Projection size: 15 to 60 inches
  • Lamp Life: Approx. 20,000 hours
  • Compatibility: PC and Mac
  • Power Consumption: 50 Watts
  • Size: 127x122x48.5mm
  • Weight: 0.55kg

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