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AKG K 390 NC Black Mamba

We've been a fan of AKG since we came across the K 518 LE. We have always been big about headphones because they just hug the right places effectively, thus making the experience "fuller".

Upon putting on the AKG K 390 NC Black Mamba earphones on, we were welcomed by the familiar fullness of the bass which we love (we know many of you share the same sentiment  because this is what really separates the good audio gadgets from the rip-offs). Its design heightens the experience as well for its sleekness makes it a win aesthetic-wise.

We were already enjoying the experience, so we took it a step further by checking out the Black Mamba's little secret: the noise-reduction controller. We switched it on and found it is as good as advertised. Fans of headphones would be impressed with how this puppy would tune out one's surroundings. (We were at a very crowded and noisy place with loud music as, mind you). Add to that the sheer clarity and crispness of audio that we reckon is among the best we've experienced from any earphones so far. And oh, there's also a mute button so that you won't have to pull the earphones out when needed.

However, there really is nothing else that would give you that "full hugging" experience that bona fide headphones provide. The Black Mamba, sad to say, does not really suck you in. The noise reduction controller was also a bit heavy which did not help in securing the earphones in place despite its built-in clip.

The Black Mamba is a work of art in itself with its look and feel. However, we advise not to take it while jogging or other activities that require a lot of movement since it can be annoying having the noise-reduction controller constantly bobbing around and the earphones slipping out of your ears. 

When it comes to mobile audio accessories, the Black Mamba is pretty much on the top of the heap in terms of quality, design, and features. However, it's a bit very much on the expensive side, too. So, if you're just looking for a basic set of earphones to get you around, we recommend you look some place else. But if you do have the cash to burn, then by all means, give it a go.

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