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It's hard to make a follow-up to something that's thought to be the best, right? Well, maybe if you're someone named James Cameron, you might just have a chance, and his latest masterpiece, the 3D movie Avatar, proves this. Not only is it a visual masterpiece, it's also a worthy follow-up to his 1997 epic Titanic.

Set in the distant alien world of Pandora, Avatar revolves around James Sully, a paraplegic war veteran who is tasked to study an indigenous tribe called Na'vi. To do this, he must "ride" a human-alien hybrid body (avatar) by telepathically linking to it. Being the curious and active person that he is, Sully finds himself in the Na'vi world and in between a brewing conflict between humans and aliens. See all the "science fiction" in there? We bet any alien-loving geek would be all giddy just watching the trailer.

The storyline is pretty direct. We won't be giving much hints, but it basically plays along the lines of betrayal, love, and respect. Action scenes litter the movie like confetti after a parade, which is good, because too much mushiness can be a cause for "sleeping in the cinema" syndrome. Making the main character (Sully) a paraplegic is a good move because it adds a certain depth and another perspective to an otherwise straightforward story. If you're a fan of twist-dependent films like The Sixth Sense, though, you might be a bit disappointed. But still, the overall look of the movie will compensate for this.

As expected from a James Cameron movie, the graphics were made with ambition and are top-notch, certainly living up to the expectations of a film that's more than 10 years in the making. The computer-generated characters are "alive" and not void of expression. You have this feeling that the 10-foot tall-Na'vis are just in front of you. The alien landscapes and wildlife are stunning. Many times in the film, you'll be amazed at how the film's makers put so much thinking and detail into the alien life forms. There might even be instances when you think you're no longer watching a sci-fi movie but a Nat-Geo documentary on alien life. Just goes to show how much planning (and budget) went into this movie.

Avatar, how spectacular it may seem, still has it flaws, though. For one, watching the movie in all its 3D glory will induce a few eye-rubbing, which is acceptable, since 3D movie technology still isn't perfect. Also, the whole concept behind the movie is done in a fantastic way – so fantastic that some may be turned off thinking the movie is too hard to believe, ruining the whole experience. The storyline is, in some respect, predictable which may not be to the liking of more serious moviegoers.

Overall, Avatar is still a great movie especially for the geeks at heart. It is a visual masterpiece, done with the latest in CGI technology and has a lot of heart, both alien and human. So wear your 3D glasses, sit back, and prepare your eyes for a 2.5-hour visual feast.

Avatar opens in Philippine cinemas nationwide today, December 17.

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star_on star_on star_on star_on star_on
  • Grand visual effects
  • Swashbuckling action scenes
  • Filled with lessons to live by
  • Storyline is a bit "basic"
  • May cause you to rub your eyes late in the film
Bottom Line
If you're looking for a good story filled with love and grand visual effects, then Avatar is for you.

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  1. Philip: well, the aliens concept isn't really original: much of their culture are inspired by Ancient/Native Americans...

    What's great with Avatar, though, is that it just makes almost anybody want to be in Pandora and be a Na'vi too. Few movies can do that to viewers.

    i've watched it two times in theater and man, the vistas, the forest, the creatures and everything in Pandora never fail to take my breath away... i almost cried when the home tree fell. and i never ever cried watching a movie once.
    December 23, 2020 at 3:05 am


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