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CD-R King Crimson MP4 Player

What does P1,680 buy you these days? A fancy meal for two? A dinky cellphone? A full tank of gas? Or a 4GB MP3/MP4 player with a camera and a Family Computer/NES emulator? The last one is exactly what you get with the CD-R King Crimson MP4 Player.

We know you might have a lot of apprehensions when it comes to buying CD-R King's products. Who doesn't? But you have to hand it to them for selling some of the most cheap-ass stuff in the face of the country, and the Crimson is no exception.

Looking and feeling like a rickety version of the Sidekick, the Crimson plays music and videos quite decently. Audio quality is nothing to be raved about especially with the included earphones. There's a built-in loudspeaker but they're tinny and do not do justice to any material.

Screen quality is similar to what you see in many low-end China phones. The pixels are huge and visible, to say the least, and the colors look washed out especially for videos, so don't expect stellar performance.

This sliding PMP does more than the usual music and video playback, though. Retro gamers will love the built-in NES emulator if they can get past the rather-choppy animation. Included are (legal?) copies of Super Mario and Contra – two classic games that we will gladly play for hours on end. Other titles are easily downloadable from the Web. Just put your search skills to the test.

Save for the game controls, the other buttons are tough to press and feel as though they could fall off at any time, which we reckon, they will.

A digital camera can be found at the back of the unit, but like most of the features of the Crimson, it too performs rather dismally. The resolution tops out at a paltry 640x480 pixels.

Is the Crimson MP4 Player for keeps? Maybe, if it doesn't break down before the three-month warranty. Until then, however, there's little reason not to have a good time with this in your pocket.

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