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Cherry Mobile Orbit

The thing with Cherry Mobile is it takes pride in delivering high-end capabilities inside a basic and simple phone as much as possible. Their grand attempt at an Android phone, the Cherry Mobile Orbit, could easily go right up that alley.

Witness the specifics. The Orbit looks every bit like your regular smartphone, made of plastic and simple in its design and composition. It sure looks tough on the outside, for one.

The massive glass display is already a plus, since big monitors are always good for browsing. Its touchscreen feature however hasn't been very tactile, and the phone's motion sensitivity is somewhat feeble - we've definitely had better ones.

The Orbit also runs quite reliably for a phone that runs on a 528 MHz QUALCOMM processor - the ideal processor would be 600 MHz - though it shows glimpses of struggles when multiple programs are opened at the same time. Clearly, multi-tasking is not one of its strengths.

What's remarkable with the Orbit however is it can run on dual SIM smart phones simultaneously, proving that an Android OS type can somehow withstand two cellphone lines. Like any other smart phones, the Orbit has a SIM indicator whenever the user makes a call or drop an SMS.

We found the Orbit's little specs to be fairly inclined on the impressive side. It can handle Wi-Fi spot functionality without showing signs of hitches, has decently loud speakers, and it owns a 5 mega pixel camera with an auto focus and a decent flash. And hey, it runs Angry Birds pretty well too.

But then again there's the occasional small-time downside - the 3G feature only applies to SIM 1, while you'll have to make good with the GPRS/EDGE data on SIM 2. It also seems to have a hard time running any Flash content on the web browser, but we figure it's the low processor. Some would also say it runs on a pretty short battery life. Like we said - small time downside.

Priced at Php 12,990, the Cherry Mobile Orbit makes for an affordable Android unit notwithstanding the shortcomings it might have. Sure, it's not the cheapest Android out there but it packs more extras and it functions just the way it should for a dual SIM phone. Catch a few hampering here and there, but an overall winning choice duly suited for the Cherry Mobile market.

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