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Cherry Mobile W900 'Dragon Phone'


For camphone enthusiasts, the W900 offers a 5-megapixel main camera  (secondary VGA shooter up front). We'll be honest here and say to you not to expect much from the handset in the imaging department. The W900's shooter tends to suffer big time in low-light situations with photos coming out with noise, and it doesn't help that it lacks flash. This is not to say that the W900's camera is horrible; it's actually pretty decent for casual, everyday use, just as long as you have enough lighting to go around.

In terms of video playback, the W900's display performs well and is large enough for you to appreciate photos and videos more (and not squint in the process). The speakers were average, but not bad. We recommend not setting the volume up to max since, if you do, you'll again hear that irritating tunog lata sound.


The W900 has a few notable software features that you might not find in other Android devices which make the whole package a lot more enticing. See below

  • DLNA connectivity
    Yep, the W900 is DLNA-certified, which means it's compatible and can interact with other DLNA devices. We tested this out a couple of times and it works without a hitch.
  • Eco-mode
    To help conserve energy, the W900 has what is called the eco-mode which is a feature that lets you manage the handset's power consumption. It's activated by a switch on the right side and can add as much as a couple to 3 hours of use.
  • Audio pop-up
    Whenever you plug in an earphones set, a pop-up which shows you a list of what you want to do (i.e. open the music player) will appear. This feature helps in navigation and reduces the number of taps required for you to, say, enjoy your fave tune.
  • Multi-wallpaper
    You can also activate up to 5 wall papers, one for each home screen, with the W900 as opposed to other Android phones which are stuck with one.

Battery life

We expected the W900 to have a 1,500mAh battery, but it turns out it only has a 1,300mAh unit. This translates to a less than stellar battery life. With heavy use (Wi-Fi, multimedia, games, 3G, web browsing), the W900 lasted less than 24 hours. With normal, everyday use, we managed, the handset lasted just a bit over a day. Needless to say, this one's no Energizer Bunny. Looks like the eco-mode feature will be seeing a lot of play time with this one.


The W900 looks and feels good and has the speed, power, and performance you'd expect from a 1.2GHz Android device. Sure, it has its glaring red marks, too, which makes it a far from perfect device. But, let us not forget that it also has a P9,999 price tag which is much, much lower than the prices slapped on handsets with similar specs (the P13,999 Huawei honor and P15,990 HTC One V come to mind). That in itself could be enough to make the W900 'Dragon Phone' worthy of consideration.

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