Green Mobile Solar Charger GM30/50/90

Posted on: 03/12/09 by Omar Belo

Ever since environmentalists warned of doom unless we change our wasteful ways, many have jumped on the green bandwagon: green cars, green fuel, green architecture. Now here comes green power in the palm of your hand.

The concept behind Green Mobile’s solar chargers is admirable – drawing from the sun (or from a USB port) and transferring that energy to charge handheld devices. Here’s a parasite that does the world some good. The benefits are obvious: a little relief on your electric bill and instant energy wherever you are under the sun, literally. They’re surprisingly sleek and slim, too. They don’t look geeky and could even match fancy bags and wallets.

But in any venture with ambitiously good-natured agenda, we tend to get our hopes too high and are consequently disappointed. These Green Mobile solar chargers are no exception.

If you’re charging under full sunlight, the panels need about eight to 12 hours of soak time (depending on the model) to be fully charged. USB charging takes a little less time – around three to four hours – but it’s not as environmentally friendly as the former. When you finally plug your device into it, charging lasts for one to two hours – even less at times.

It’s obvious that the technology is not that efficient yet, but we have to applaud the effort and the advocacy. In any case, it’s still a significant step towards greener gadgets.


  • GM30: P2,243
  • GM50: P2,418
  • GM90: P2,543

star_on star_on star_on star_on star_off
star_on star_on star_off star_off star_off
star_on star_on star_on star_on star_off
  • The variety of designs and gadget connectors
  • Plenty of room to improve when it comes to performance and efficiency
Bottom Line
  • Laudable for what it tries to achieve, but don’t depend on it for juice just yet
Editor's Pick No
Price P2,243
Tech Specs
  • Size: GM30 96x62x19 mm / GM50 120x62x17 mm / GM90 90x63x17 mm
  • Weight: GM30 216 g / GM50 234 g / GM90 200 g
  • All models have nine pieces of adapters suitable for most, if not all, mobile phone brands. They also include connectors for other gadgets like PSP, PDA, MP3 players.
  • Integrated circuit to prevent batteries from discharging and overcharging

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