It's Blitz (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Posted on: 07/07/09 by Lou Albano
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With the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you never really know what to expect. It's Blitz, a synth-laden record that dabbles with disco, riot grrrl, and post-punk, is no different.

The album opens with the highly addictive lead single Zero, an awesome choice to reintroduce YYY and open the record. The party continues with Heads Will Roll, a track that spotlights Karen O's aggressive vocals tapered with the band's easy-going playing. The strong opening lands comfortably with Soft Shock, a minimalist number that showcases how much the band has mastered balancing the dynamics between extremes. When Karen screams, the guitars glitter in stream. When Karen sings softly, the music becomes her stronghold.

That "lovely, pained little girl" persona that Karen O has allowed listeners to see in previous hits Modern Love and Turn Into is back in It's Blitz. There are more tender moments here (Skeletons, Little Shadows, and Runaway), perfectly complemented by her instrumentalists.

It's a glittering record, that's for sure, with trinkets of notes falling right in place, Karen's delicate vocals soaring where they should, and careful percussions providing a steady beat, keeping it together.

YYY is just as aggressive and as glamorous as when they debuted almost a decade ago, but this time, with evidence of broken hearts and broken spirits showing, there is moderation and balance; hints of growing up - not growing old - perhaps.


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  • YYY extends their reach without compromising their beloved sound
  • The record will grow on you
  • It'll have to grow on you
Bottom Line
  • It's different but familiar at the same time. Unexpected on so many levels, It's Blitz showcases YYY's continued growth

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