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Lenovo IdeaPad Z370

Hello, Techies! It's been a while since our last notebook review, and since we got to play with a Lenovo IdeaPad (the last three we got our hands on? The S100, U260 and S10-3s). We start the sweltering month of March with the IdeaPad Z370, which actually entered the Philippine market last year.


The compact 13.3-inch test unit we got our mitts on came in bright pink, making the Z370 a real attention-grabber, especially for typical female consumers. This pink hue is splashed all over the lid, as well as on the unit's inner portions, tempered by the black WXGA LED display bezel, edges and underside. (If you're not keen on toting a pink lappie, you can also pick between its black, blue and brown variants.) Besides the pink-and-black color scheme, the Z370 also sports a cute geometric design on the lid, making the laptop score more points in the aesthetic category.


Unlike most laptop units, there's a very noticeable distance between the screen and the rest of the unit when the lid's opened. We weren't bothered by it, although some consumers may not like having that extra space. The black chiclet keyboard is nicely spaced, very responsive and doesn't make as much noise as others while in use (and believe us when we say we're heavy typers!), but shortened keys on the lower right portion would make touch typists commit some mistakes. Two pink stereo speakers were placed underneath the hinges; and the Power button, three indicator lights, button for the Lenovo OneKey Rescue System, and lighted buttons for volume control and Lenovo's OneKey Theater and Thermal Management features were placed between the speakers. The touchpad and single clicker for the left/right mouse button round out this area.

The unit's left side holds the vent (which accounts for the manageable heat), VGA and LAN ports, and single ports for HDMI, e-SATA/USB and USB 2.0, respectively. In turn, the right side contains the optical drive, AC port, another USB 2.0 port (more than two would've been nice), and mic/headphone jacks. The switches for graphics and wireless Internet; additional indicator lights for power, battery and connectivity; and media card slot are all situated on the front portion.


Its internals make this looker a hard worker, too. The Z370 sports a second-generation Intel Core i3 2310M processor (2.1GHz), along with a 640GB Western Digital hard drive, an NVIDIA GeForce 410M DDR3 graphics card plus Intel HD Graphics GPU, a 1.3-megapixel webcam, and LAN/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity. Basically, it has everything consumers expect from today's laptops. But here's the most important question: can the Z370 handle the workload that most people give their computers?

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