Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Posted on: 10/05/09 by KC Calpo

Slim, sophisticated, and oh so sexy. The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is like the bona fide school heartthrob it makes everyone fall for its charms in many ways.

Whoever said that looks don't matter clearly didn't anticipate this keyboard's arrival. Its ultra-thin profile and minimalist design warrants much more than a second look, and the clear plastic border around the keyboard adds a nice aesthetic touch. The typeface used to designate each key brings science fiction films to mind, and utilizing matte rubber for the wristrest adds to the keyboard's appeal and allows for comfortable usage. However, the attraction would be bigger if this were a wireless keyboard.

This keyboard may lack the bells and whistles that others have (especially those targeting gamers), but it does have a whole lot of substance, something that most heartthrobs direly lack.

The most important and obvious feature is the backlights underneath each key which enable users to type comfortably even in dark environments. The rightmost button above the number pad (the one with the light-bulb icon) provides three illumination settings, giving users the ability to adjust the backlighting or turn it off completely. Typing in both bright and dark environments is made much easier, especially for users who have poor vision or aren't touch typists.

The keyboard's function keys call out to those who hate going the long route. The first four F-keys also function as shortcuts to the most commonly used applications on the PC (browser, email, Web search, and instant messaging), and the next four access other PC tools such as Document Flip, Windows Sidebar, Calculator and a nod to Macs the Eject function. The last four let users control their audio/video programs. After installing Logitech's SetPoint 4.60 software, users can change all those shortcuts according to their preferences.

Reverting back to normal F-key functions can be done by pressing the Fn key and holding it while pressing the appropriate F key. SetPoint also lets users disable unused keys to avoid accidental presses, optimize other connected PC peripherals, and provide onscreen notifications for selected keys, such as when the Caps Lock and Number Lock keys are pressed. Hotkeys can also be changed.

The third positive aspect is Logitech's PerfectStroke technology, which makes typing movements more fluid and comfortable, as well as banish the annoying click-clack noise that typical desktop keyboards are known for. Besides being a silent little worker, this particular keyboard also boasts of increasing overall typing speed. Logitech proclaims that it has "created the perfect blend of laptop and traditional keyboards": shorter keystrokes coupled with a scissor-key mechanism do make for an improved typing experience.

With all the tech- and sex-appeal cramped into the Illuminated Keyboard, it shouldn't come as a surprise that its retail price is a little steep. There will always be a premium on style and substance. Admit it. Even if it is just a keyboard, you really want one.


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  • Controlled backlighting levels
  • Quiet typing feedback
  • Configurable F keys
  • Very thin profile and minimalist design
  • USB-powered keyboard
  • Steep retail price
Bottom Line
  • Provides superb typing comfort and accuracy, and gives a boost to your PC's looks
Editor's Pick No
Price P4,999
Tech Specs
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • White LED backlights
  • PerfectStroke technology

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  • janus Dec 14 2009 @ 04:37pm Report Abuse
    wow !!!!!i like it ... i wish i have one....
    Last modified Dec 14 2009 @ 04:37pm
  • panaxim 9 months ago Report Abuse
    this comment may be late though, but i hope the steep price has gone down..

    coz id rather get the g15 keyboard, which is almost as the same price but with more features than this
    Last modified 9 months ago
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