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Logitech Z103

Logitech has long been known to produce some of the best computer peripherals and accessories in the market. And it is good to know the Logitech Z103 speaker system lives up to its brand sake maybe even more so.

Boasting a competitive price tag just a little over a thousand pesos, P1,199 to be exact, the Z103 is big in sound despite being small in size and price. Its space-saving satellites and down-firing subwoofer delivers excellent sound quality above its segment.

In the looks department, the Z103 is unlikely to get much praise, albeit there's a slight hint of modernity fused to its design. Wrapping silver trims around a pair of glossy, black mid-tower satellites isn't exactly pioneering, right? Same goes for its matching wooden subwoofer box which, unfortunately, has the bass control knob protruding at an inconvenient position, making it difficult for users to calibrate its bass levels. Thankfully, the same cannot be said about its power controls and the volume knob. Both can be easily located on a nifty control pod wired to the speaker system's subwoofer.

To gauge its audio performance, I hooked up the Z103 to my desktop and 24-inch LCD monitor for a week to see how it fares under normal, day-to-day usage using standard Realtek Audio drivers. Going over a mixed playlist on my system and playing albums from varying genres - which included some bass heavy hip-hop tracks by Lil Wayne and Kanye West - truly demonstrated the Z103's degree of competence. On most tracks, it delivered good vocals and rich, full instrument and bass sounds at jacked-up volume and bass levels. However, cranking the knobs to max gave way to some distortions.

A viewing of Michael Bay's popcorn blockbuster, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, solicited similar results. Dialogues, mood noises, and theatrical sound effects were clearly audible, save for a few muddled explosions.

Price in mind and distortions aside, we still say Logitech's affordable speaker system performed exceedingly well in both tests.

Overall, the Z103 is one of the best bang-for-your-buck 2.1 sound systems out there, besting a saturated number of speaker systems selling for a dime a dozen. It's one of the easiest speaker systems to recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy a more complete audio experience without having to break the bank.