Long Time Noisy (Kamikazee)

Posted on: 07/07/09 by Lou Albano

Kamikazee didn't just return with all the bells and whistles, they came back bristling with an arsenal of aural weapons - riffs, fills, distortions, drum rolls, you name it.

On the first two songs alone, the record stands true to its title: Long Time Noisy. What is the band trying to prove? Or jump-start? The record opens in such a state of chaos.

Thankfully, they gain composure on the third track, Eschoos Me, where, finally achieving balance between humor and loudness, they demonstrate their charming, heavy sound. They keep momentum with the track 420 and their remake of the Francis M classic Meron Akong Kwento. The latter was remade to fit Kamikazee's sound.

Here, it becomes apparent that Kamikazee is more suited to making albums than singles. With a fantastic sequence of tracks, you have to hear Long Time Noisy as a whole rather than one song at a time. All 20 tracks - songs and fillers alike - appear exactly where they should be. Fillers cushion the blows between heavy tracks, or they build up the climaxes, as in the case of Caintaeinyo and MMK, as well as Meron Akong Ano, Balutin Mo Ako, and Wala.

Don't go looking for great songwriting or hints of the band maturing - this is not up Kamikazee's alley, at least not yet. Instead, just enjoy their music, which seeks to entertain more than anything else. Teyk Awts will give you an idea how much this band enjoys what they are doing. It will make you feel that they want you to enjoy the music, too.

Long Time Noisy ends like a radio show, with greetings and thank yous told in a litany usually reserved for hair and makeup sponsors. Hilarious.


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  • Kamikazee is hilarious!
  • They overdid the distortions, man
Bottom Line
  • Their one-liners and sound bites are worth it.

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