NEO Elan L4300-3D

Resting comfortably in our test lab (after being tortured, that is) is the NEO Elan L4300-3D, the first 3D laptop made by a Filipino brand. We have to admit that we were like giddy girls when this bad boy arrived at our doorsteps. Were we still happy after we finished playing with it?

Let's get physical

You'll not not notice the Elan L4300-3D. It's humongous! It's probably the thickest and heaviest laptop we've tested so far, and we've had a lot. It's well over an inch thick, which reminds us of the laptops in the good old days. It's also quite a chore to lug around. So portability ain't its thing.

But its "healthy" frame doesn't mean it's an eyesore. It looks simple and decent, even business-like, which gives you the impression that it's a no-nonsense notebook. And the good thing about it is it's no smudge-magnet, thanks to the surface that reminds us of the carbon hoods found in racing cars. The silver metal strips running through its sides make it look as though it came straight from Tron.


Given that it's a full-sized lappie, we expected the NEO Elan L4300-3D to be chock-full of ports. And we were spot-on. Standards like USB, headset, mic ports, and memory card reader are all provided for. But that's not all. Prepare to be awed when we say that it also has a USB 3.0 port, HDMI, eSATA, and even a Blu-ray optical drive! This baby's well-endowed in this department.

Hardcore specs

The Elan L4300-3D's guts will also blow your mind away. The notebook has some of the best specs known to geeks. Just think about its Intel Core i7 Q740 processor, half a TB of hard-disk drive, 4GB of DDR3 memory, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 285M, one of the most powerful graphics chips made for mobile PCs.

Of course, given those specs, we were really excited to put it into its paces. Simple chores are out of the question. We're after some sweat here. First we loaded some video-editing and graphics software from Adobe Creative Suite. This lappie chugged them down, no question. Then we did some Web browsing on the side. Same story. We then played some multimedia content. Again, same story. This bad boy can handle your multitasking chores as though it eats them for breakfast.

How about movies, you ask? HD movies run with nary a hitch. Even if you surf on the side and run other software in the background, there's no problem at all. Just to give you an idea, we wrote this review on this laptop while a video-editing software and an HD video were running – all these while listening to Oasis' Wonderwall on YouTube and with about 5 other windows open. How great is that? Very.

Then there's gaming. With the Nvidia GeForce GTX 285M handling the graphics chores, we were confident with the NEO Elan L4300-3D's gaming prowess. And we weren't disappointed. We fed it with games like Halo 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and of course, the biggie, Crysis. Yep, we're suckers for first-person shooter games. Anyway, the performance was optimal except for a few cut scenes and explosive encounters in Crysis. Just a few minor lags.

Adding to our joy is the huge 15.6-inch HD screen that provides bright and crisp images. Our only beef with the whole experience is the built-in speakers that are decent at best. Cranking up the volume will send notes scattering, and the bass, even if you tinker with the manual settings, isn't just deep enough. To get maximum multimedia experience, a high-grade speaker system or headphone set is a must.

3D capabilities

Of course, how can we not mention the NEO Elan L4300-3D's 3D capability when it's a 3D notebook? Setup is rather easy, as all the drivers from the Nvidia 3D Vision suite are preloaded into the laptop. All you have to do is plug the 3D Vision IR emitter and controller via USB, wear the wireless 3D glasses, and you can start playing 3D content! The good thing about this is the system automatically detects if you have 3D content. It will then automatically activate your glasses. The IR emitter also has a nifty feature that adjusts 3D depth.

We had the opportunity to play some 3D movies and even Batman Arkham Asylum, and we were pleased with the performance. Gameplay was seamless all throughout the game. We also did some benchmarking using another 3D game, Resident Evil 5, and the Elan L4300 got an impressive score. With 3D activated, fps [frames per second] was at around 45-50. With 3D turned off, the score soared as high as 120fps and averaged at around 80-90.

This is not to say that its performance 3D-wise is a perfect 10. As you might expect, we encountered some dizziness when viewing 3D content for 30 minutes or more. You also have to be in front of the screen to enjoy 3D at its best because viewing it at an angle ruins the experience considerably. All in all, however, 3D viewing in this laptop is a joy, and the few misses are understandable. Hey, 3D technology is still far from perfect, right?

In case you're wondering, the Elan L4300-3D can't convert 2D to 3D content. Bummer.

Benchmark scores

As expected, the Elan L4300 got impressive scores. NovaBench gave it a whopping 862, which is the highest we've encountered so far.

The Windows Experience Index gave this lappie a high grade of 5.8, the culprit being the primary hard disk. Still impressive nonetheless.


For all its bells and whistles, this is where this beast fails miserably. We know, with great power comes great responsibility. With great capabilities come reduced battery life rather. But a life span of below an hour? That's just... sad. You can't even watch one whole movie.


Truth be told, this is arguably the most powerful gadget we've tested in our lab. Combine that with its 3D prowess, and you've got one device to die for. The almost 6-figure (P100,000) price tag is well justified, too. Of course, there are still some kinks, especially in the battery department, but those are overshadowed by its performance.

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  • Specs, specs, specs!
  • Gaming performance
  • 3D is a goodie
  • No smudge-magnet
  • Very bulky
  • Mediocre battery life
  • Decent-at-best speakers
Bottom Line
  • Big and powerful. 'Nuff said.
Editor's Pick No
Price P100,000
Tech Specs

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NEO Elan L4300 3D 1

Hardcore specs
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Nvidia 3D Vision IR emitter
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With 3D glasses and IR emitter
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Batman Arkham Asylum
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Batman Arkham Asylum (2)
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Resident Evil 5 benchmarking (3D off)
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Resident Evil 5 benchmarking (3D on)
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3D photo viewer
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3D photo viewer (2)
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Resident Evil 5 benchmarking (3)
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Side view
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Front view
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Ports (right side)
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Ports (rear)
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Windows 7 Home Premium
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Power button
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NVIDIA 3D active-shutter glasses

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