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Philips SHP8900

Does the Philips SHP8900 look heavier than it sounds? It's definitely circumaural in every sense of the word. Much is expected from its imposing appearance, especially when it comes to providing powerful output. But does its sound quality give justice to its huge earshells? Or are you better off with less bulky, in-ear cans? Ironically, the answer doesn't lie in the music.

Comfort zone

It may look heavy, but the SHP8900 is quite comfortable. The earshells cushion the ear well and fit close to the head without being too tight. Its headband is also friendly to the hot-headed user in tropical climates such as ours, as its mesh material ensures that your head gets to breathe even during prolonged use.

Another source of comfort is its detachable four-meter wire, which keeps it from getting into knots during use or storage. The cable's one-sided attachment to the headphone is also convenient as it prevents tangling as much as it saves you from getting strangled.

Bomb the bass

When it comes sound quality, to say that the Philips SHP8900 delivers enough bass is an understatement. Not only does it provide enough power, it also avoids the tendency of bass-heavy cans to get boomy as well. And when it comes to higher frequencies, it has the clarity expected of a headphone set at this price level - although it may be too bright for some who expect a thicker sound signature.

Die-hard audiophiles may still find fault - although minimal - when it comes to the SHP8900's sound output, but the headphones' price tag should be enough to pacify those raised eyebrows (and ears).

Besides listening to music, one thing you'll enjoy doing with these headphones is watching videos or DVDs using your laptop or PC. The surround sound produced with these cans will give you goosebumps if you're watching a horror flick in your room, on your own.