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The Samsung Galaxy S Advance was originally shipped with Gingerbread on it and Samsung's TouchWiz interface slapped on top, but it became eligible for that long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update during our quality time with it. This smartphone does what it does with the help of the aforementioned dual-core processor, as well as 768MB of RAM, 2GB ROM, 16GB of onboard storage, and microSD expansion (up to 32GB). It doesn't come up short when it comes to the other features we now see as standard in smartphones, especially media playback and connectivity.

The Galaxy S II (left) and the Galaxy S Advance

Basically, the S Advance can handle everything that's thrown at it by typical users. Call quality and reception were alright, and we had absolutely no qualms with visual quality; the Super AMOLED display rendered everything beautifully, and if anyone's going to have any complaints, those are going to be based purely on spec differences. Photos and videos shot with the primary 5MP camera turned out well enough, but we think it's best to stick with an actual digital camera for low-light environments (as in most cases, anyway).

We also didn't have big problems with our casual games, although we noticed that games like Temple Run need to be closed and relaunched; graphics would stutter a bit, and response times would get slower. We can only imagine what it's gonna like for games that use up more power under the hood. Our audio files were played back quite loudly, and while we were bracing ourselves for the dreaded tunog lata effect, sound quality was actually quite good even on standard settings. And as always, expect the battery to be spent after a full day of heavy usage, and an estimated two days with occasional use.


With a PhP22,900 retail price, the Samsung Galaxy S Advance is a good choice for consumers who want excellent features without going broke for at least a month. It looks gorgeous, performs well, and fulfills its promises, all of which make it the perfect candidate for your next mobile phone.

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