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Samsung PL101

Self-taken photos have become so widespread that it's practically become an art and practitioners have pretty much perfected it. This doesn't mean, though, that there isn't a need for cameras like the Samsung PL101, which sports an LCD on the front. If anything, camwhores may become even more engrossed with self-portraits with the screen being there.

Complementing the front screen is the equally as fun to use face-detection feature. Turn it on, and you can make your mug look sharper than everything else in the photograph, instantly making you look like a celebrity, albeit not even on the D-List. If you don't want to be the lone focus of the photo, however, you can set it to multiple face detect, so in a group shot, the person unfortunate to stand at the back, or the one unfortunate to stand beside a mestiza, will not have to look like a shadow.

Oh, but the fun goes on: You can set its Face Detect to automatically shoot when it detects a smile. This is awesome for precious candid shots that, in this age of vanity and instant playback, have become extinct. Pranksters will also benefit from this Smile Detect; you can take photos of many a candid-shot-perfect-moment that come during inuman sessions.

Contrary to the candid shot is Blink Detect. Turn it on, and the PL101 will automatically take a second shot when it detects that the subject has blinked. Pretty impressive, but sadly, you can't expect photos to be totally blink-free. Unless you have the flash on, subjects won't know that a safety shot is being taken, so for all they care, they can have their eyes closed while the camera takes the safety shot, making the shot doubly embarrassing (or doubly funny). Also, the camera only takes 2 pictures in succession, so if your group doesn't get it right the second time, you're screwed.

Which shouldn't be a huge hassle because if anything, camwhores are great at taking pictures and being the subject of their pictures; they can hold that smile just as good as they hold a camera with an outstretch arm and take a photo of themselves from the most flattering of angles.

The camera body can tilt on its own for optimum camwhorage 

With the PL101, all they need to do is to hold that smile. Because the 1.5 inch LCD takes care of the angles, and the wizardry of the Face Detect takes care of what little else that may matter to the camwhore. They can even stand the camera on any flat surface and angle it so that they don't have to crouch in all together to make sure everyone – or even just herself – fit in the frame perfectly.

Why such hullabaloo to camwhores? It's because the PL101, with its for-play features and that all-too-welcoming tune that plays upon turning it on, is clearly made for them.

It's not for the socialite or for whom looks matter. It's not for the hardcore gadgeteer for whom the make and the form matter. It's not for the photography enthusiast for whom extra nifty features matter. It's for the camwhore who likes to look cute in photos that they themselves took.

And with the PL101's east-to-love features, it might not be long before you become a camwhore yourself.

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