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Samsung Series 9

If the Samsung Series 9 notebook were a girl, she'd be this cool and pretty art-school trophy girlfriend, smart enough to know that for her to get ahead, she needs to toughen up and conform to the MBA-type world.


Because the Samsung Series 9 is as fine as fine goes. It is made with the same materials as an aircraft, and polished to matte black finish. The slim Samsung commands attention, if not curious double looks on the verge of being won over. It is a marvel to look at: slim, follows a sly curve, and has ports cleanly hidden from view. Carry it and it's almost as though you weren't carrying anything. And all this is, is just first impression.


The black finish only emphasizes its brilliant LED display. Goodlawd, is it stunning! Samsung boasts that the Series 9 is 100% brighter than the normal 13-inch notebooks, and it's true: even in bright summer day light, the screen looks as though it were spewing rainbows. While this is almost expected-Samsung makes some of the best displays, be it on mobile, television, or computers-coupled with its HD capabilities, the color overdrive still rather surprising.


We're very happy with how Samsung made the markings on the quite-flat keyboards bigger than usual. The markings are bigger than the we're accustomed to, so even your Lolo with the worst case of astigmatism will know he's actually typing in 6 and not 9. We particularly liked this nuance, alongside its backlight, which is pretty sharp despite having a polite and gentle glow.


Given its super screen powers-100% brighter than most, HDD capabilities-it is easy to assume that the Series 9 is made especially for film fun. Upon playing a movie, the notebook automatically switches on its Movie Color capability. When the movie is over, voila! The feature is automatically turned off as well.  It would be awesome to watch all your BluRay bala, yes we hear you, but the problem is this Samsung baby assumes you get your media from equally higher-tech sources like the internet or from your USBs. It doesn't have a CD drive, rendering physical DVDs useless and passé.

While its speakers are only as good as their size allow them to be, sound quality actually isn't half as bad. Plug in your Senheissers and enjoy the aural goodness. Pretty impressive, we tell you.



As impressive as its looks, the Series 9 also has some goodies under the hood. Chief among them is the Intel Core i5 chip and 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1-2 punch that should be good enough for casual everyday use or even for more serious, power users.

Running NovaBench, we got a mean score of 267. Based on the hardware it has, we were expecting something a bit higher. Yeah it's not among the lowest we've tested but it's also far from the highest that landed on test labs. That being said, we reckon the score is a bit higher than the norm when it comes to ultrathins.

The Windows Experience Index tells a slightly different story though. The Samsung Series 9 got a pretty impressive score of 4.7 - based on the lowest subscore which belongs to the graphics department.

Battery life

Nope, you don't have to worry about keeping this baby plugged in to do a marathon, too; its battery life is feckin impressive. In fact, we were almost watching the battery life not drain as we were watching all those movies from our USB. Where most laptops have their 100% battery life running at 2 hours, this Samsung's is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 4 hours. 81%, for instance will give you more than three hours to consume. Nice, no?

Worth the handsome moolah?

So where does all the computing enter with the Samsung Series 9? Equating its P79,000 price tag to actual honest-to-goodness work. Yup, holy guacamole it's 79 grand. And that's just a tad too expensive for the frivolity it toots. Granted, the Series 9 has features that can and will win your over-battery life and display chief among them-but if you're like any of us here at Techie, you don't pull 79grand out of your pocket, just like that. The things it offers are things we would all like for play and for fun. Which, at the end of the day, is priceless; put a price tag to it, an expensive 79-grand tag say, and all those fun and play things stop to matter.

Somehow, there are things that don't equate. Its looks and its price look more apt to business executives. Its features, however, indeed the features they are selling you, look more suitable to a) students and peter pans, who simply don't have the benjamins or to b) multi-media practitioners who are too thrifty for such a price tag.

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