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Samsung WB150F

Nowadays, the online community plays a huge role in connecting people and is the melting pot for self-expression. Almost everybody owns a camera or a smartphone and, using these gadgets, we frequently update others on what's happening in our lives lives, many times with the aid of photos and videos that are shared with friends through social networking sites. This is where the Samsung WB150F comes in handy. A recent addition to the Smart cameras of Samsung, this shooter will not only capture photos and vids with the oomph factor that will make any average Joe an artist, it will also allow the user to instantly upload and share images and videos on the web. Talk about instant gratification in terms of "getting your work out there."

Physicals and interface

Small and sleek is not how you would describe the Samsung WB150F as compared to later models released in the same category. At first glance, you'll notice what makes it stand out from its competition. A huge lens with 18x optical zoom looms in the front while a subtle grip area is ideally placed on the right-hand side of the camera to help stabilize the whole device when in use. The body as a whole feels solidly built and weighs just enough to be able to shoot photos and videos handheld.

Navigating through its menu should not be a problem since the camera sports a familiar interface many point-and-shoot camera user have encountered. The only addition is the Wi-Fi setting that lets you customize which network you will be connected to as well as other options for wireless connection.


A minor setback with the WB150F as compared to prior models is the lack of a touchscreen which makes things like, say, typing your username and password a chore. However, the camera remembers your account information, so there is no need to worry about retyping your username aVerageJoe_72390 and your sentence-long password whenever you feel the need to upload. The only other hassle you may encounter is when you place captions on every photo and video you wish to share.


Instant sharing

Many times, we no longer limit ourselves with just taking a photo or video; we have to share it to everyone we know as well. In the wake of wireless technologies where hotspots are becoming more common, this camera comes out as a great choice for people who want to show others what they are up to by instantly uploading what they shoot in popular social networking sites. Bloggers also have the option to easily share photos in Photobucket and Picasa for easy access when they write their entries for the day.

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