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Samsung WB150F


Another notable feature is the Remote Viewfinder. By using your smartphone, you can simply download the free app Samsung Remote Viewfinder and wirelessly connect your phone to the camera, allowing you to control its settings and view the frame from a distance. However, there were some problems initially encountered when trying to connect the two devices but we pulled through. This feature will eliminate the need for voice activated cameras a.k.a the waiters from your favorite restaurant or any random person nearby to take a photo of you and your friends.

Image and video quality

Th image quality is pretty good overall for this 14.2-megapixel camera. Colors are crisp and details come out just right most of the time with not much oversaturation. A problem arises though in low-light environments. The noise level or amount of grain is noticeable when shooting in there's not enough lighting, which is the case for many point-and-shoots.

But if you are not that picky about the look of your images, this should not pose a problem. The camera also offers the standard filters and effects you would expect in a point-and-shoot. It also has what is called the Artistic Brush option which gives you a photo and video version of your shot.

Video quality is a different story. The option to upload your concert videos is a given with this camera. However, only low-resolution videos (320 x 240) with the length of thirty seconds can be uploaded. But if you do not want to upload, you still have the option of shooting in HD (1280x720p). Overall, video quality is what you can expect from a camera of this type---decent enough to share but not really adequate when you're looking to create more serious clips for a wider audience.


You probably already own a smartphone or any other gadget with the ability to take photos and upload them instantly. So why bother purchasing this camera which can be compared to a smartphone minus the apps, Internet surfing, and making calls, among others? With an SRP P11,990, it's priced just right and comes off as the better option over other cheaper point-and-shoot cameras which do not allow you to upload instantly. Although the asking price is a bit higher, you eliminate the need to download the photos and videos to your laptop before uploading them online.

With the WB150F, instant sharing is definitely the main selling point, and it delivers well in that regard while producing decent photos and videos. With their new line of Smart cameras, Samsung creates a whole new meaning for point and shoot, making the transition to point-shoot-share, and we're definitely liking it.

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