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Seagate GoFlex Satellite

Not all can afford the luxury of buying a gadget that has the biggest storage and even if you can, sometimes you still need more capacity for your tons of multimedia content and other files. That's why we have external HDDs and flash drives to help us gather more virtual real-estate. Sure, mobile devices nowadays are sporting bigger capacities but sometimes even a tablet with 32GB of space isn't enough. But then again, we also now have the so-called cloud storage so do you really need to have a storage device with all that space?

Many might answer they still do, and they lug around the content in their PCs because MegaUpload has gone kaput programs like Dropbox don't provide enoughand it's just too much to put into their tablets and smartphones. Just imagine the photos of the same family reunion from five different people in your family and let's not get started on your eclectic music collection and how you slowly but surely transitioned from caring for, say, The Beatles Sgt. Pepper CD to furiously scanning the Sgt. Pepper folder for viruses.

It's also not practical to carry a bunch of USB thumb drives around for emergency storage and access to files. Luckily Seagate's been creating solutions for content mongers for the past couple of years. They've also adapted to the fact that some users need to access specific content on different devices all at the same time, not to mention that you're crippled when that USB connector gets lost.

The Seagate GoFlex Satellite is an option for multi-users or single users with multiple devices. The one we tested had a storage capacity of 500GB and is claimed to be able to hold over 300 HD movies. Natch, we attempted to test that but sadly, we ran out of movies to load.

At first glance the GoFlex Satellite is a little daunting, because we couldn't believe that an external hard drive which is practically a no-brainer to use, had so much accessories. It had a car charger, an outlet adaptor, a USB plug - we could go on but we'd rather you take a look for yourself in the gallery below.

The hard drive itself doesn't look like much, a port for USB, provision for the  DC-adapter plug, two indicator lights that light up when syncing and broadcasting, respectively and a power button. It's a lot thicker than what we would've wanted but what do you expect for something that's tasked to carry 500GB of information?

If you're loading media onto the hard drive you start off with downloading the Seagate Media Sync software from their website and, once installed, just plug the drive into the source PC and continue to sync your content. It's compatible with Mac users as well, just choose the appropriate download for your OS.

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