Sharp Aquos LC-52A77

Posted on: 09/20 by Elijah Mendoza
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Thirty-two inches is good. Forty-two is better. But 52 inches of screen real estate will make you want to forget all the other LCD TVs you've seen before.

There's a lot that could be said about the Sharp Aquos LC-52A77 from its massive size alone. Unboxing and setup is, at the very least, a three-person job and looking for a suitable place to put it in could be a hassle. At 52 inches, it's certainly not for the typical Filipino home.

Once up and running, however, it's as easy to use as any other LCD TV. The remote is no different from the smaller and older LC-32A33M as well as the onscreen user interface. The manual controls are placed at the lower right side, which makes sense – if they were put on top, you'd need a step stool to reach it.

Image quality

Watching digital standard definition (SD) cable TV on the 52A77 is not the best you could ask for. It's understandable, though, given that a 640x480-pixel image has to be stretched to a 1920x1080-pixel panel. The same goes for DVDs although images come out a bit better and more bearable.

The ever-lovely Angelina Jolie and her 52-inch mug

After a few rounds with SD material, it became clear to us that this TV is strictly for HD use only. HD videos are the only ones that come out decently, but even then you could already spot a few shortcomings.

As we stood near the screen, we could already see the pixels on hard-edged images such as the Blu-ray logo. Also, film grain is highly visible during movies. T his, however, is more of a judgment call. Some movie buffs may like seeing celluloid noise as it gives the movie a more authentic feel.

Unsound sound

Sound quality has never been a strong suit for most HD TVs, and the 52A77's speakers are no different. Even with the SRS surround tweak activated, the audio falls way below par. Of course, if you have the money and the space for this monster, we're assuming you also have a home-theater speaker system.

Short on ports

It's not lacking on variety more than it is lacking on the essential. All the standard ports are there from composite RCA to Component RGB, to HDMI.

Unfortunately, there's only two of the latter, and you may find yourself severely lacking in the near future. Should that happen, you may want to check this out.

The biggest clincher here, however, is the P175,000 price tag. In itself, it's pretty steep, but considering that this TV is 52 inches huge, it gives you a pretty good bang for your buck.

Click here to see the Sharp Aquos LC-52A77 in the Buyer's Guide.


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  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy-to-understand controls and menus
  • You'll need to upgrade your equipment
  • Only two HDMI ports
Bottom Line
  • Buy only if you have a separate room for a home theater. Otherwise, you'll need to get rid of one piece of furniture

Editor's Pick No
Price P169,998
Tech Specs
  • Screen
    • Type: LCD
    • Backlight: RGB LED
    • Size: 52 inches
    • Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
    • Contrast Ratio: 50,000:1 (dynamic)
    • Brightness: 450 cd/m2
    • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
    • Viewing Angle: 176 degrees
  • Ports
    • HDMI: 2
    • VGA: 1
    • Component: 2
    • Composite: 3
    • Audio: 1
    • S-Video: 1
  • Power Consumption: 294 Watts
  • Size: 1254 x 867 x 325mm (with stand)
  • Weight: 27.5kg (with stand)

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  1. Arman C: I got my 52A77M last Sept and i HAVE No hesitation & I'm very happy to have it.. it's so awesome .. The picture is crystal clear and the color you will see is what you need to get.. white is white and balck is black. Even connecting in cableTV the picture is much better in my Philips Flat screen TV.

    High Five wiith this 52A77M :)
    November 17, 2020 at 8:28 am

  2. t3chieboi: Good for you Arman. Hope it was spared from Ondoy's wrath
    November 17, 2020 at 11:28 am

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