Still Night, Still Light (Au Revoir Simone)


Calm, peace, falling leaves, and rest –  these words may come to mind when listening to the all-girl trio Au Revoir Simone's third album, Still Night, Still Light, and for good reason. The record is composed of warm, melodic songs filled with catchy notes and tunes that'll make you feel all light inside. The album title should already give you an idea of what to expect from it.

The songs exude a calmness that can seldom be found in other genres. The use of analog synthesizers and drum machines, together with catchy, vibrant yet sometimes melancholic dialogues, gives you a certain sense of tranquility. Songs like Another Likely Story and Shadows have catchy lyrics and will make you susceptible to LSS or last-song syndrome. The darker-sounding Knight of Wands, on the other hand, is kinda gloomy, which is ironic considering that it talks about joy.

So we've established that – that if Still Night, Still Light were a person, it would be part of the peace corps now. That is not to say that the songs are all made in a similar fashion. There are certain differences between the songs. For example, some are more dependent on lyrics, like All or Nothing and We are Here while others, like Only You Can Make Me Happy, rely almost entirely on intsrumentals. It also quite a joy to listen to each of the intros, because each is a variation of the previous one.

The thing that's a bummer here is that listening to the entire album gives you the impression that the songs all have similar tunes, differing only in the lyrics and certain beats. This can be attributed more to the inherent weakness of the use of synthesizers and drum machines than on the talent of the group members.

Oh, one more thing: Listening to some of the songs can become tiring, expecially to those that lack a significant lyrical component.

Then again, you should still give Still Night, Still Light a listen especially if you're into the indie-electronica type of songs. Hey, Au Revoir Simone has been compared to The Postal Service, Stereolab, and Enya. That should do more good than harm to the group. So, score another one for the ladies, for Au Revoir Simone shows us that girl power in music isn't only found in pop – or in the vocals of a certain group named Paramore.


star_on star_on star_on star_on star_off
  • Catchy tunes and lyrics
  • Reminds you of a calm, peaceful night
  • Not enough variation in some of the songs
Bottom Line

A great album if you're someone who's after laid-back music that is out of the ordinary

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